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Amplified Community


Founder, Head of Health & Happiness

Frank Fitzpatrick is a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker. He has created multiple hit soundtracks, collaborated with thought leaders and creative visionaries across the globe, and contributed to over $1 billion in box office revenues. Frank is also a Music & Health Expert, Faculty at Exponential Medicine, a Contributor to Forbes, and Founder of EarthTones’ WHY Music initiative, leading social campaigns to reach over 200 million people. As founder of Amplified, Fitzpatrick is a leading voice at the intersection of music, wellness, technology and human potential.

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Greg Morgenstein V2.png
Daniel Gilgenmann
Venture Architect, Block-Chain Wizard, Musical Xoogler, former Lead at TIDAL, EU & BCG-DV, Berlin, Musician
Dave Sorbara
Master Creator, Human Performance Hacker, Co-Founder & Investor ReverbVC, Signal, & Grayson Matthews, Musician
Greg Morgenstein
Chief Sound Guru, Immersive Music Pioneer, Co-Founder & CTO Hear360, Producer & Engineer for Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Guns & Roses, Musician
Tim Mullen
Chief NeuroTech, Cognitive & Computer Scientist, Founder of Intheon and Mozart & the Mind, Polymath, Musician
Ariel Garten_edited.jpg
Daniel Kraft, MD
Founder of Exponential Medicine, Faculty Chair for Neuroscience & Medicine at Singularity University; Aspen Institute Health Innovation Fellow
Ariel Garten
Co-Founder of Interaxon, Host of Untangled, & Creator of the Muse meditation headband
Salim Ismail
Founding Executive Director of Singularity University, Chairman of OpenExO & Best-Selling Author of Exponential Organizations
Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD.
Boyd Professor & Founding Director, Neuroscience Center of Excellence at LSU School of Medicine; Author, Executive Producer of the film Of Mind and Music
Yuval Mor
VoiceTech Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder Beyond Verbal, Ummanu Health
Arjun Metre
VC & PE - Technology, Sports & Entertainment Investor; Supervisory Board at Fyber; Former Investment Director, Intel Capital
Nicoletta Lacobacci
Global Technology & Ethics Advisor, Singularity University, Author of Exponential Ethics
Nishan Degnarain
Economic & Innovation Advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs & Governments; Chair LSE’s Ocean Finance Initiative; Strategist for UK Prime Minister


John Iverson, Ph.D.
Cognitive Neuroscientist, UCSD; Music & Brain Research Lead - Perception & Health Therapeutics; Director, SIMPHONY Project, Musician
Theodore Zanto, Ph.D.
Director of Neuroscience Research, Neuroscape: Asst Professor, USCF; PhD Complex Systems & Brain Sciences - Neurology, Psychology & Physics
Milan Golding
Researcher for Amplified &; MA, Psychology of Music; Data Analytics; Coordinator at Guild of Music Supervisors
Helen Dolas
Founder & CEO, Able ARTS Work; Professor, Psychology of Music, CSU; Music Health & Wellness Advisor, REMO; Advisory Board, Faculty, UCLArts & Healing


Dasha Velasquez
Project & Platform Manager
Dajah Rice
Online Branding Coordinator
Nicole White
Corporate Programming
Wasim Muklashy
Video & VR Director
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